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  • Growth poles provide the most promising regional centers with a well designed physical facilities, basic institutions and economic assets to expedite their growth pole performances, not only to provide an appropriate economic environment for new industry but also to create good living environment that may be attractive to the professional, managerial and technical personnel. The government should also induce the location of new industries in the regional centre by developing well planned industrial estates, providing a tax and credit advantages, training institutions and by developing new transportation and communication facilities to increase the relative economic accessibility of the centre to the various parts of the region. It will be better if in some areas well planned new cities are developed to serve as growth poles. Thus, the cities, towns and agricultural areas need develop much more effective relationships among themselves. The growth poles are effective centers of growth but the whole network of cities and towns and villages play a crucial role in the exploitation of the region’s resources. The regional development programmes, thus, need be designed in terms of their long range ability to support a viable network of cities and urban centers with in the context of national economic development. With these words the present issue of Business Vision containing a quality of research papers from the different area of specialization and also from the different part of the country. The research paper contributed by Prof.R.D.Sharma and Ms.Shiffu Abrol discussed about the several competitive advantages associated with the adoption of information technology in service organizations. In the paper of Prof.Gurucharan Singh and Jasveen Kaur attempts to exhibit by using publicly available information to assess the interest rate risk exposure of the selected banks. Research paper of Mr. Jugal Kishor, Prof. V.K. Singh, Mr. Naman Sharma, Ms. Swati Sharma have purposely focused on the social and communication aspects of social networking sites. Dr. Alok Kumar Chakrawal and Vipul G. Rakholiya in their paper seek to analyze the productivity of Public Sector Banks and Private Sector Banks. Another paper by Dr. Pushpendra Misra discussed about the Reporting Gap between Developed and Emerging Markets. The next paper by Dr.Sushil Kumar Singh has given the reasons that lead the financial performance of small scale industries. An attempt has been made to know the Volatility of Rupee and elaborate in detail about the Causes, Impact on Common Man in the research paper of Dr. Priyanka Saroha and Dr. S.K.S. Yadav. Prof. S.K. Chadha and Abha Chopra in their paper emphasize on Effective partnerships between Governments, Corporate and NGOs


Prof. P.K. Sahu, Former Deputy Chairman State Planning Board, Bhubneshwar, Orissa

Prof. P.K. Chaubey, (Ex.) Professor of Economics Indian Insti. of Public Administ. New Delhi.

Prof. R.D. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Jammu University, Jammu

Prof. A.D.N. Bajpai, Vice Chancellor, University of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla

Prof. K.M. Pandey, Former Head and Dean , Faculty of commerce, BHU, Varanasi

Prof. I.V. Trivedi Former, Vice Chancellor, M.L. Sukhandia University, Udaipur

Prof. Bandi Kamaiah, Head, Department of Economics, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

Prof. Joao Polo Vicito, Polytechnic Institute of Business Studies, Viana de Castle Portugal

Prof. Abdul Aziz Ansari, Head Department of Management, .) Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi

Prof. S.S. Mishra, Former, Pro-Vice Chancellor Anterashtriya Hindi University Wardha

Prof. S. Hariharan, School of Management, Pondicherry University , Pondicherry

Prof. Alok Saklani ,Director, Apeejay School of Management. Dwarka, New Delhi

Editorial Board

Dr. S.V.Satyanarayan, Head, Department of Commerce, Osmania University, Hyderabad

Dr. S.K. Sharma Head, Deptt. of Management, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra

Dr. H.C. Purohit, Head , Department of management, Doon University, dehradun

Dr. Guru Charan Singh, School of Business Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala

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