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  • Author : Prof. Manas Pandey
  • Edition : January - December 2014
  • Pages  : 143
  • ISSN   : 0973-1369
  • Abstract : Customer is both the beginning and end point in the process of retailing. As such, it is customer who determines the type of product, its quantity, quality, price etc. through his purchase action. In retailing, the emphasis has shifted from reasonable pricing to convenience, efficiency, ambience and satisfaction. A reorientation has been observed towards promoting services and bestowing improved customer service in the retailing sector. In fact now retailers have adopted new culture by identifying and fulfilling the wants and needs of the customers in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. On the other hand, consumers demand healthy skepticism and effective handling consumer transactions ranging from tip to toe. They expect effective communication with the retailers for resolving complaints and problems arising out of their purchase action. However, it requires a successful marketing strategy in order to provide best service quality to their customers within framework of ongoing consumerism. Today, there has been an increasing public concern over the consumerism all over the world. Though consumerism has touched all walks of life yet in retailing it has been identified with the widespread concern for the quality of products and services. The present unhealthy situation can be cured only if the lacunas are properly diagnosed and cured through sound and healthy efforts by all the stakeholders for strengthening consumerism.

R. D. Sharma


Department of Commerce, University of Jammu, Jammu

Punkaj Gupta

Ph. D. Scholar

Department of Commerce, University of Jammu, Jammu

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